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2020-11-25: The dragon has landed, but what should we call it? #mbnov

2020-11-24: It looks like I shall have to make provision for extra desk space, things are getting crowded under …

2020-11-23: Managed to capture the sunrise the other morning. Most pleasant. #mbnov

2020-11-22: Ed has crossed the invisible border and arrived on my island. #mbnov

2020-11-21: Winter here in London only occasionally means snow. #mbnov

2020-11-20: Pippin’s details more or less fade into an indistinguishable blur. #mbnov

2020-11-19: I didn’t think it was possible for me to beat the Wakhan solo opponent in Pax Pamir but I finally …

2020-11-18: Never pick up a duck in a dungeon. Especially when it’s a specially weighted door stop duck with a …

2020-11-17: Here is a happy train for Microblogvember. #mbnov

2020-11-17: Please dispose of your used Trumps carefully. Always use the hazardous waste receptacles.

2020-11-16: Really impressed by the initial Apple Silicon Macs though the 16 GB memory limit does mean we have …

2020-11-15: The Wingspan Oceania expansion has arrived with birds from far away from where I am at the moment, …

2020-11-14: Spooky is as spooky does. Or so they say. #mbnov

2020-11-13: I guess I should be posting something today. How about a Star Jumbly.

2020-11-12: The cooler weather has arrived and so I get to wear my favourite hat. #mbnov

2020-11-11: When you can say whatever you like it’s hard to know what to say. Constraints make creativity! …

2020-11-10: A bus went off the road near my Dad’s house in NZ. Reports said one elderly passenger was aboard but …

2020-11-09: They’re coming for us. In fact it was a cakewalk. While retrieving The Artefact Raphael’s Space …

2020-11-08: How many books would a book binder bind if a bookbinder could bind books? #mbnov

2020-11-08: In 2016 anyone in any kind of minority, or with any kind of disability or health issue, was …

2020-11-07: There was a young lady called Gwen Who tried to inflate a blue penguin She blew on its beak Until …

2020-11-06: Learning Pax Pamir 2nd Edition. The game is a bit of a puzzle, with lots of moving parts… …

2020-11-05: The Day 5 Microblogvember prompt is stoop. Here that means to bend down low, whereas in some parts …

2020-11-04: Have spent the last 4 years in a state of constant low level stress, near the ends of my endurance …

2020-11-03: Despite massive improvements smartphone cameras still astonish new with their inability to …

2020-11-02: Have to concentrate for another month it seems! Microblogvember is upon us. No dreary posts though, …

2020-10-31: The Star Jumblies complete their epic Inktober quest with a ceremonial exchange of Runcible Pudding …

2020-10-30: Goldilocks and the Three Owlbears. #inktober 📷

2020-10-29: Thistle Guy. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-28: Inspired by @arrroberts typographguin we have a Hot Letterpressguin. Sadly almost extinct except in …

2020-10-27: An Owlbear in a hauberk with a halberd. #inktober 📷

2020-10-26: Inktober: How it started, how it’s going. 📷 #inktober (Sometime 5 years ago the cat was one of the …

2020-10-25: There are a lot of Drifloon around in Pokemon Go today but I didn’t see any of the rare cactus …

2020-10-24: Dramatic announcement from NASA this week when a giant hornet was discovered on the Moon. #inktober …

2020-10-23: The Great British Baked Gingerbread Strictly Come Dancing quarter-finals heat up… #inktober 📷

2020-10-22: Ascent. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-21: In the Bristol Channel Reach of the Runcible Nebula the Star Jumblies deliver some Grombolian Toe …

2020-10-20: Stages in Flu Vaccine. Don’t stop with just the Jab, folks… #inktober 📷

2020-10-19: Once a common sight in the North American plains, the Narbison was famed for its algebra skills. …

2020-10-18: Kakapo. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-18: Bullet Bill FTW. 📷

2020-10-17: Tweedlegum and Tweedleglue. #inktober 📷

2020-10-16: A happy Aluminion 📷 #inktober

2020-10-15: The first nam on the noom. #inktober #inktober2020 Noom borrowed from @impsandmonsters (spoiler it …

2020-10-14: Stamppunk Radishes for #inktober 📷

2020-10-14: Location: London, UK. Near Richmond Park Time: 09:00 a.m. For the “A Day In The Life” …

2020-10-13: Cookie Monster. Om Nom Nom. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-12: Meanwhile, deep in the Runcible Nebula, the Star Jumblies meet up with the Owl and the Pussycat in …

2020-10-11: Some sort of fishy looking robot and assistant. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-10: Masked Vegetables. Stay safe. #inktober 📷

2020-10-09: Farmer’s Market in the woods. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-08: Fox on a rock, enjoying a vat of cappuccino. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-07: The Ducks of Dune. #inktober 📷

2020-10-06: Concept for Cartographers game using tiles as with Carcassonne. Carcatographers? #inktober 📷

2020-10-05: An AWS IAM policy #inktober 📷

2020-10-04: Giant Robo-Weasel. Severely smudged. 📷 #inktober

2020-10-03: Far and few, far and few Are the stars where the Jumblies live Their heads are green and their hands …

2020-10-02: Day 2 of Inktober 📷 A bit of Hollow Knight hanging out in Greenpath

2020-10-01: Trying to do Inktober again this year. 📷

2020-09-19: Cat in a tree. Call the fire brigade 📷

2020-09-14: Urchin of the day. 📷

2020-09-11: More garden wildlife 📷

2020-09-10: Things are looking up. 📷

2020-09-09: Squirrel of the day. 📷

2020-09-08: Mushroom of the day. 📷

2020-09-07: Spider of the Day. 🕷📷

2020-09-06: Fox of the day. 📷

2020-09-05: Chickens of the day

2020-09-04: Keep off the grass. 📷

2020-09-03: Decided to stock up on Everdell expansions, even though it could be months before I get to play …

2020-09-02: Manbat 📷

2020-09-01: Our poor confused apple tree started to blossom today, 5 months late. At least the bees are happy. 📷

2020-08-31: Love. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-30: Mushroom Discovery. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-29: Playing around with a new toy - a larger light tent, with movable lights. So many options for …

2020-08-29: Cake. It rhymes with flake. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-28: The Last Campfire is also on Apple Arcade. Looks great on iPad Pro! That’s two interesting games in …

2020-08-28: The happiness of discovering rhubarb. Emotions. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-27: I shall overcome this intruder. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-26: The relentless pounding of surf onto the beach. Muriwai earlier this year, in the happier times. 📷 …

2020-08-25: I hope distancing will be a thing of the past. 🙂📷 #mbaug

2020-08-24: Frosty. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-23: Graceful? #mbaug 📷

2020-08-22: The letter box from my childhood home. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-21: I am sure the meeples on the bottom are feeling the crunch. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-20: Small CHANGE purse… #mbaug 📷

2020-08-19: While I pondered what photo to use for ribbon I went fishing… #mbaug 📷

2020-08-18: Grid. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-17: Cuddly. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-16: None of these are going anywhere under their own steam. They therefore could be said to be …

2020-08-15: Silhouette #mbaug 📷

2020-08-14: I found this among my photos while looking unsuccessfully for something that represented among - and …

2020-08-13: Semi apocalyptic darkness in mid afternoon earlier this year in New Zealand — sunlight filtered …

2020-08-12: Yet here’s nothing quite as distinctive as the sound of a steam train. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-11: Transport. Or at least I think it’s some kind of transportation device. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-10: Windows. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-09: I found this in a scrapbook earlier this year, from a photo story my Dad and I made 40 odd years …

2020-08-08: View. Tawharanui peninsula earlier this year. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-07: August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge #7: daytripping. 📷 #mbaug 🚌

2020-08-06: Bisect. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-05: Flow. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-04: It’s peaceful in the pansies. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-03: Bonus bug. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-03: Totally making a mess of this challenge. Missed day one. Posted day 3 on day 2. So here’s day 2 on …

2020-08-02: Bug. 📷

2020-06-28: Somewhat orange. Somewhat pink. Somewhat yellow. All rose. 📷

2020-06-14: Board game wallpaper.

2020-05-21: Morning. 📷

2020-05-16: CLI cricket via ssh on my iPad Pro. Because I can.

2020-05-16: Cricket excitements Reworking my mid-80s Cricket Simulation Originally started in the early 80s on an Apple IIe running …

2020-05-07: Morning Persons of Quality. Have a flowery image. 📷

2020-05-04: .– — .– .-.-.- / … ..- -.-. …. / -.. — - … .-.-.- / …

2020-05-01: 🐝📷

2020-04-28: Drizzled. 📷

2020-04-26: Penguin of the Day. 📷

2020-04-24: In the garden 📷

2020-04-22: Lockdown reading — though you don’t really read a Wisden, you fossick in one. Lots of happy …

2020-04-19: Tulip. 📷

2020-04-16: Is Brewster going to appear in Animal Crossing New Horizons? 📷

2020-04-15: My what big teeth you have. 📷

2020-04-14: Horizon 📷

2020-04-13: On the prowl. 📷

2020-04-11: Old blue eyes. 📷

2020-04-11: Unexpected delivery! Came faster than expected… 📷

2020-04-10: Pansies of the Day 📷

2020-04-08: Morning all… 📷

2020-04-07: A new update to Toon Camera just dropped on the App Store and on starting it up it showed me the …

2020-04-06: And then — it happened! Loving rereading the utterly improbable and implausible Trigan Empire that …

2020-04-05: A bit better with an improved mix of buildings. But still only 104 VP. I have got to 110 solo before …

2020-04-04: Hair cut day. No changes because of lockdown though, bought these clippers about 30 years ago and …

2020-04-03: Things. Are sprouting. 📷

2020-04-02: Meeting doodle. 📷

2020-03-31: Social Distancing 📷

2020-03-30: Desktop lockdown buddies. 📷

2020-03-29: Rays. 📷

2020-03-28: Despite me having massive presence on the map, Raphael’s off board Jovian mining engine proved too …

2020-03-27: Tulip expansion progress. 📷

2020-03-26: Picnic time. 📷

2020-03-25: TulipExpander™️ 📷

2020-03-24: The state of Instagram in 2020. After 10 years they still don’t have an iPad app, and depending on …

2020-03-23: Mini magnolia is blooming. 📷

2020-03-22: Neighbourhood social distancing spot. 📷

2020-03-21: Spring progress. 📷

2020-03-20: Time for Animal Crossing: New Horizons… 📷

2020-03-19: A shuttered Westminster Abbey reflected in my car window last night. 📷

2020-03-18: Keep your hair on in these troubled times! 📷

2020-03-17: Desktop Construction. (Anker Stones) 📷

2020-03-16: Start your Monday with some Moomin Story Cubes 📷

2020-03-15: Get off my lawn. 📷

2020-03-14: Spring. Springing. 📷

2020-03-13: Friday is laundry day. 📷

2020-03-12: One of my favourite games at last years Gathering of Friends was CARTOGRAPHERS. It has been hard to …

2020-03-11: Smoky. 📷

2020-03-10: Teeterbot. 📷

2020-03-09: With only a few days to go until Animal Crossing New Horizons arrives it’s time to get your Amiibos …

2020-03-08: Wagon. 📷

2020-03-07: Crossed Paws 📷

2020-03-06: Far and Few Far and Few Are the lands where the Jumblies live Their heads are green And their hands …

2020-03-05: Gnarly. 📷

2020-03-04: Playing around with iOrnament app on iPad. 📷

2020-03-03: Photobomb 📷

2020-03-02: Helping Hand. 📷

2020-03-01: Vision of Spring. 📷

2020-02-29: Don’t STOP, just GO — take a LEAP of faith! 📷

2020-02-28: I had to get BELOW the bannister for this shot. 📷

2020-02-27: Together. 📷

2020-02-26: Fire ESCAPE for day 26 of February photoblog challenge 📷

2020-02-26: Bonus hurdle for yesterday. Benjamin Snow Bear is not the worlds best hurdle challenger.

2020-02-25: Hurdle. 📷

2020-02-24: I tried a DOUBLE Mill strategy in Oh My Goods! but it wasn’t enough to beat the insane combos …

2020-02-23: I took some pictures of Barnes STATION this morning for the February photoblog challenge but they …

2020-02-22: All the hand made crochet toys my daughter has made for me make quite the SPECTACLE. 📷

2020-02-21: Progress! Spring is coming. 📷

2020-02-20: On a SCALE of 1-10 I’m at about eleventy-three for Animal Crossing New Horizons in March 📷

2020-02-19: Shorter space post for 📷 challenge

2020-02-19: It’s about space for February photoblog challenge today. 📷 In order to generate custom embroidery …

2020-02-18: Day 28 February photoblog challenge. Oppose. 📷

2020-02-17: It’s COOL that it’s cherry blossom time again. 📷

2020-02-16: Rest. 📷

2020-02-15: Photoblog challenge for day 15 is Balance. Required for navigation of this structure. 📷

2020-02-14: Word of the day 14 for February photoblog challenge is warmth. Throw back to a month ago when I was …

2020-02-13: Day 13 of February photoblog challenge is Rise. There is a moon in this picture and it did rise, …

2020-02-12: Day 12 February photoblog challenge is attachment. This is an old photo from 2014 but I love this …

2020-02-11: The word for Day 11 of February photoblog challenge is Plain. 📷

2020-02-10: February photoblog challenge Day 10 word is this SIGN on the pavement 📷

2020-02-09: February photoblog challenge day 9 and the word is lull. 📷

2020-02-08: Day 8 of photo blog contest was hard. Contrast is tricky. 📷

2020-02-07: February photoblog challenge Day 7: Above. 📷

2020-02-06: Day 6 of photoblog challenge. It’s a PLANT! Or is it? 📷

2020-02-05: Day 5 of photo blog challenge: Hide (in plain sight) 📷

2020-02-04: Day 4 of photography challenge. Spot. 📷

2020-02-03: February photoblog day 3: Reflect 📷

2020-02-03: February photoblog day 2: Sight 📷

2020-02-03: Starting late on February photoblog challenge. Number 1: Open #mbfeb 📷

2020-01-29: Humans spend most of their day in portrait orientation before rotating to landscape orientation at …

2019-12-24: So, iCloud Drive is broken on my iPad Pro. Unable to download any files, it just hangs randomly. …

2019-10-30: Catch 🎨

2019-10-29: Ride. For Inktober 🎨

2019-10-28: Thistle Guy found an old COAT. Inktober 🎨

2019-10-25: Ancient for Inktober 🎨

2019-10-23: Tread for Inktober 🎨

2019-10-21: Inktober Decoration 🎨

2019-10-10: Build for Inktober 🎨

2019-10-09: Freeze for Inktober 🎨

2019-10-02: iOS 13 annoyance: Music app constantly loses its place in playlist and restarts playing from the …

2019-10-01: Ring — for Inktober

2019-10-01: Short Bean 🎨

2019-10-01: Bridge, “adjusted” by Waterlogue app from Tinrocket

2019-09-13: You shall not pass.

2019-09-12: And I put a 9 and a 6 in his crib. Bad call. #cribbagewithgrandpas

2019-09-10: So, this may be old news for many, but OwnYourGram are having their requests capped by Instagram and …

2019-09-10: September Rose

2019-09-10: Good morning, fellow beetles.

2019-09-10: Somehow OwnYourGram and Instagram and Micro.Blog stopped playing nicely together. I only noticed …

2019-09-09: Fetch me a Shrubbery.

2019-09-08: Discoveries ended in a 47-47 tie with @jacknstuart and unexpectedly I had one more dice on my board …

2019-09-08: Let the Wild Rumpus begin…

2019-09-08: Tomatoes of the day

2019-09-07: Graphed

2019-08-28: Percival Street.

2019-08-27: The gate for special girls.

2019-08-27: Speckled. #clouds

2019-08-26: Freight. A rare site on London suburban railways

2019-08-25: A spot of time laying in Azul. #bgg #boardgames

2019-08-25: Morning activity completed before it gets too hot. 6km walk to meet random Apple challenge.

2019-08-25: Some tomatoes. #harvest

2019-08-24: A bit of early sequence Fabled Fruit with @evietd #bgg #boardgames

2019-08-24: Good morning (again)

2019-08-23: Donut of the Day. Not mine. Just adjacent #tooncamera

2019-08-23: Really enjoying The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie. The narrator is delightfully unusual, a really solid …

2019-08-23: Curve

2019-08-22: Teaching Res Arcana to @jacknstuart and @evietd — of course Evie cruised to a win with Sea Serpent …

2019-08-22: Writing setup with @ulyssesapp V17 out now with nice support for captions.

2019-08-21: “C-5” “It’s a Hit”

2019-08-20: Pulling out of Waterloo with steam at front and manky old diesel at back. Couldn’t get to front of …

2019-08-19: Civ VI: Rise and Fall. Even more of a time sink!

2019-08-16: For a game with lots of (nice) bits, New Frontiers is surprisingly difficult to photograph. Close up …

2019-08-16: An unboxing has occurred. #newfrontiers #bgg #boardgames

2019-08-15: Don’t forget to defragment your smartphone regularly #toptip

2019-08-13: Stride. #doodle

2019-08-12: Update your Parasites again to stay abreast of current affairs.

2019-08-11: Quick 3 player Wingspan teaching @jacknstuart but @evietd held off his big end game bonus rush and …

2019-08-11: Penguin. #doodle

2019-08-11: Hiding on the stairs. Because hoover.

2019-08-10: It’s been a bit windy here.

2019-08-10: Fish out of water.

2019-08-10: Pom pom

2019-08-09: Calendar-Bot — for all your calendrical needs. #doodle #calendar #hexarchate

2019-08-09: After many struggling starts the wisteria is doing something

2019-08-08: There are TARDIGRADES on the MOON! #moon #doodle

2019-08-08: Leaning sideways

2019-08-07: Beware cafe dwellers. The Cupcake Spider is amongst you. #doodle

2019-08-06: Found under my desk when looking for a dropped object. No wonder he looks sad. #lego #minifig

2019-08-06: Tomatoes for.breakfast

2019-08-05: Happy Monday. #doodle #bug

2019-08-04: I think Raphael’s development queue might be a trifle ambitious… (spoiler: it was, but mainly …

2019-08-03: Nice setup, with 3 6-point developments and Uplift Coalition taking me to 100 points. Was it enough? …

2019-08-02: Isabelle. #doodle #animalcrossing

2019-08-02: Gosh but Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry comes with a colossal number of new bits. We tried the Orb …

2019-08-01: Feed the Anemone

2019-08-01: Taught Wingspan to 3 new people last night and it was a successful outing, even though their usual …

2019-07-30: Betsey. Honestly.

2019-07-28: Three quick games of Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraß. Lost the first heavily but regrouped to win …

2019-07-28: Revisiting idea from 4 years ago — hoping that the new butterfly keyboards due from Apple will …

2019-07-27: The end state, suitably obscured to comply with Catan’s new GDPR regulation. A terrific see saw …

2019-07-25: Breakfast harvest. If you don’t instagram it, did it happen?

2019-07-24: You heard it here first.

2019-07-23: Last century Oyster card…

2019-07-22: Rusty Bumps

2019-07-21: Tweet!

2019-07-21: Went in big on owls in Wingspan but couldn’t secure any of the end of round goals so Raphael’s …

2019-07-21: Good morning sleepy people. #doodle

2019-07-20: Bee Event Horizon

2019-07-19: Update your Parasites stickers now to improve your cognition and spark calendrical heresy.

2019-07-18: I am reading “Ninefox Gambit” by Yoon Ha Lee and mighty strange and wonderful it is. He doesn’t …

2019-07-17: Same

2019-07-17: Fragments

2019-07-14: Found lying down in the flower beds.

2019-07-13: Yahaha! You found me! #zeldabreathofthewild #doodle

2019-07-13: Playing #pokemonswordshield at #hyperjapan

2019-07-13: Or 1/132

2019-07-13: Good morning sunflowers. By #Waterlogue

2019-07-12: Threadlephant by @eviemakes #amigurumi

2019-07-12: Orthanc

2019-07-11: Well this is an odd looking critter. #pokemongo

2019-07-11: Not managing to draw much lately. Not feeling in the mood I guess. Here is a quick ladybird #doodle

2019-07-10: What a semi-final! Well done the #blackcaps

2019-07-10: Meow.

2019-07-09: How will you get home tonight?

2019-07-07: These look hand painted. Coloured in flowers.

2019-07-07: Birthday Caketus

2019-07-06: Wonderful gift from NZ arrived. Little box with clever opening arrangement

2019-07-06: Fuzzy. Floof.

2019-07-05: Must be a blood moon soon

2019-07-04: Hello? Is Instagram back yet?

2019-07-03: Strange things you see when taking a train with @eviemakes

2019-07-02: Give Way

2019-07-01: RIP Guillermo Mordillo. 😢

2019-07-01: May contain ducks.

2019-06-30: Ironmongery

2019-06-30: Hands Up

2019-06-30: Pokemon Go sure is a hazardous occupation. Stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t enter dangerous …

2019-06-29: Red

2019-06-29: A pile o’pegs. #ollibytinrocket

2019-06-28: Sniffing Sunbeams.

2019-06-28: Apples are occurring

2019-06-27: Beetle Doodle

2019-06-26: Pole

2019-06-25: Pringle (by @eviemakes) is read to by a worry potato during wonderful weekend visit from @inkygirl …

2019-06-24: Poppy Parade

2019-06-24: Despite collecting 3 of the special awards, and making an epic resource collection engine I didn’t …

2019-06-23: Rose blur

2019-06-23: Hollow Tree

2019-06-21: Line Art

2019-06-21: Enjoying Hilda but have to take a photo with my iPhone because Apple bowed to movie studios and …

2019-06-20: DoodleBot

2019-06-20: Very pleased with Origami case for iPad Pro from Pipetto — being able to arrange it in portrait mode …

2019-06-19: Such philadelphus. Wow.

2019-06-18: Snug as… #amigurumi

2019-06-17: Door of the Day.

2019-06-16: A quick game of Jaipur with @evietd who didn’t read the Fathers’s Day script entirely! #bgg …

2019-06-16: All set to Gather Supplies which sounds like it should be easier than breaching the Warren In …

2019-06-16: The water. It falls.

2019-06-15: Pineapple. Probably.

2019-06-15: Camouflage

2019-06-15: It’s a mushroom life.

2019-06-15: Globular Clusters

2019-06-14: Made it through the third scenario, Breach the Warren, on the third attempt. It was really tough to …

2019-06-14: Bring your Beetle to Work Day continues.

2019-06-14: It’s Bring your Beetle to Work Day. #amigurumi

2019-06-12: Interesting how music can be like a time machine — transporting you back to another time and place …

2019-06-12: There’s something funny going on, I can just feel it in the air. #randomsonglyrics

2019-06-10: Stump(ed)

2019-06-09: In the dark woods.

2019-06-09: When three wheels are better than two

2019-06-09: Somewhat delayed, Act II of Caverna: Cave vs. Cave has arrived! #bgg #boardgames

2019-06-08: Fuzzy Shadow Beast

2019-06-08: Dampeony

2019-06-07: Yesterday, when it wasn’t raining.

2019-06-07: Don’t forget to get pack an umbrella today

2019-06-06: I have cast the runes for the sixth of the sixth and it looks like we are due light to variable …

2019-06-06: Take your pick of peonies

2019-06-05: Throwback to April 2003 and the Kingston Flyer (we were only passengers so got to ride in the …

2019-06-05: PAC-man pursues a trilby.

2019-06-05: Fabric Friends.

2019-06-04: Peony time commences

2019-06-03: First of the Giant Poppies and it’s a pink one.

2019-06-02: We’re going on an adventure. A phrase that will never be the same after Children of Ruin by …

2019-06-02: Urban decay

2019-06-02: Back when Netscape ruled the roost then Microsoft muscled in, and gave t-shirts to the first few …

2019-06-02: Peony of the Day. #pod #peony

2019-06-01: After a catastrophic first location (Careless, Hidden Wisps, tricky Foe) it was an uneventful stroll …

2019-06-01: Afternoon Nap

2019-06-01: Wisps

2019-05-30: Wose

2019-05-29: Pandemic: Fall of Rome proved way too hard with 5 players. We ended up overrun with Orange cubes, …

2019-05-29: The future is mauve

2019-05-28: Happiness is sharing a leaf. #amigurumi

2019-05-27: Tomato sauce bottled. In bottles specially bought over from France by @jeffinauckland

2019-05-27: Barely made it through the first location in Legends Untold: The Path of the Druach, having rolled …

2019-05-27: A secret sign. #endtimes

2019-05-27: Monday Morning

2019-05-26: Missed the crazy sunset.

2019-05-26: Pringle by @eviemakes has a new leaf wrap to shelter in. #amigurumi

2019-05-26: Something is eating my shadow. Or me…

2019-05-26: Legends Untold (or should that be Unfold) lived up to expectations in first proper outing. Managed …

2019-05-25: Time to make some tomato sauce.

2019-05-25: ROTD

2019-05-25: Thanks @mikesiggins for the Untold Legends recommendation. It arrived this morning and looking …

2019-05-25: First poppies

2019-05-24: A third of the way through Pandemic: Fall of Rome and it’s all looking serene, but the mid game …

2019-05-24: Someone else’s rose

2019-05-24: Pippin awaits election results patiently

2019-05-24: Starting Children of Ruin by @aptshadow and Ruin has occurred. Eek. #fridayreads

2019-05-23: Wonderful rendition of Olive by @vivschwarz Many thanks for this delightful creation!

2019-05-23: Hard to show the glorious deep black and purples

2019-05-22: Ooh! Look what arrived! Packs of cats and other goodies from @vivschwarz

2019-05-21: More Peony excitement

2019-05-20: It’s dandelion season.

2019-05-19: The Lost Expedition made it to El Dorado with all 3 explorers in good health. We’ve got the rhythm …

2019-05-19: Raggedy Ass Tulip

2019-05-19: Don’t forget to provide your beetles with superior beverages.

2019-05-19: Rose of the Day

2019-05-18: It doesn’t matter who is Expedition Leader when you’ve all perished to Fever, Poisonous Frogs or …

2019-05-18: Blueish purplish thing

2019-05-18: Money bags. #lego #minifig

2019-05-18: Crinkle Cut

2019-05-17: Many doors

2019-05-16: Might have found a few bookshops…

2019-05-16: Beetle’s Grand Day Out in Bath.

2019-05-16: Beetle and Butterfly kinden from @eviemakes

2019-05-15: Beetle. #doodle

2019-05-15: All your peony are belong to us.

2019-05-14: Sky is blue. Sun is shiny

2019-05-14: Much battered by winds but still hanging in there.

2019-05-13: Frilly

2019-05-12: Another attempt at Wingspan vs Raphael but his Pelican ate all the fish my Osprey kindly provided …

2019-05-12: A narrow loss to Raphael in Wingspan but he thinks he activated his eggs in the wrong order so it …

2019-05-12: Good morning

2019-05-12: Happy Mother’s Day in those regions celebrating this event. Elsewhere enjoy International Day of …

2019-05-11: Doing some Fabled Fruit collecting. #bgg #boardgames

2019-05-10: The outstanding art work of @d20plusmodifier for the Root board game makes excellent choices for the …

2019-05-10: Its been a bit damp lately

2019-05-09: This conftitutes ufeful advice

2019-05-09: A very cross Plusle. A crossle actually

2019-05-07: Tree Peony is doing well. Welcome sight on this pseudo-Monday.

2019-05-06: Rose today.

2019-05-06: Tidily organised Root factions. The only time they behave themselves. #bgg #boardgames

2019-05-05: Got completely farmered in Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraß by Raphael. Mostly because it took me …

2019-05-05: Coffee Bird. #hessian

2019-05-05: Rose of the Day

2019-05-05: There’s always one rebel.

2019-05-04: One must be hooded on the 4th

2019-05-02: And the first Rose…

2019-05-01: First Peony of the season!

2019-04-28: Trying Fabled Fruit — my GOF flea market purchase. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-28: Yesterday was epic moving day as Raphael moved back from Cambridge to start new job in London. Weary …

2019-04-25: Cloudsssss

2019-04-24: Commuting again.

2019-04-22: Home is where the tulips is

2019-04-21: Oh dear. Some of our letters are missing.

2019-04-20: Super helpful Vagabond wins Root at a gallop! #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-20: A nice find in the GOF flea market — The Tea Dragon Society card game. Currently out of print. #bgg …

2019-04-20: Good heavens. A Crossy Road arcade machine

2019-04-20: Observing the Observation Platform

2019-04-20: A kinder, softer bicycle

2019-04-20: More llama drama to round out the day with Catan Histories:Rise of the Inkas. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-19: Being menaced by elephants. Not the most restful place to eat.

2019-04-19: Quartermaster General: Cold War with Ian Brody and Paul Evans. We concentrated too much on East West …

2019-04-19: Also played yesterday: Tiny Towns, a bingo style town builder with mischief abound. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-19: Spooky

2019-04-19: I finished up last night with Altiplano, a bag builder with attractive art and a pretty crazy way of …

2019-04-18: About to try to out detective Sherlock in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-18: Little floes

2019-04-17: A pile of marmots. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-17: Cloudy capers

2019-04-17: Continuing yesterday’s theme of playing not quite released games I tried Paladins of the Western …

2019-04-16: Play testing the adorable Aquicorn Cove board game with strong eco theme and great artwork. #bgg …

2019-04-16: Trying out Cartographers: a Roll Player Tale. Really enjoyed making my map. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-16: Sky

2019-04-16: Morning with rainbows

2019-04-16: We had a really close finish in Lancaster with three of us finishing on 33 points. Unfortunately …

2019-04-16: The highlight of yesterday was definitely Quartermaster General, a game I have been one footstep …

2019-04-15: Hurrah. My Alien empire just edged a narrow victory in New Frontiers, 62-60-59-48. I liked it! #bgg …

2019-04-15: Such mist. Wow.

2019-04-14: Play testing expansion to Res Arcana with Tom Lehmann #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-14: Tried out Pandemic: Fall of Rome. Like all its predecessors it seemed under control and then …

2019-04-14: Filling out around the edges in Wingspan. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-14: My Queendomino realm. #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-14: Waterfall doing what waterfalls do

2019-04-13: More flip and write fun in Silver and Gold #bgg #boardgames

2019-04-13: There’s big trouble ahead in Year of the Dragon. Slightly cheating on the penultimate alphabetical …

2019-04-13: Tidying up the alphabetical #bgg challenge with some Xenon Profiteering #boardgames

2019-04-13: Game one of #GOF2019 is Welcome To… a nice tidy little flip and write game that seems to have …

2019-04-13: Hello Niagara Falls. My fearless roving reporters will fill this feed with many board game images …

2019-04-12: Under the runway I go.

2019-04-09: Taking back control of our railways…

2019-04-06: Have uniform. Cleared to travel.

2019-04-06: You have defeated the venous tentacled guardians and open the treasure chest. Do you pick it up?

2019-04-05: Tulip time.

2019-04-05: How to pack a truck.

2019-04-04: It’s all purple

2019-04-03: Getting all your semi-aquatic avian lifeforms in a row.

2019-04-02: Snaky

2019-03-31: Happy Birthday for Evie!

2019-03-31: Yesterday we ventured into Viva Java Coffee Dice land in the alphabetical #bgg challenge. I failed …

2019-03-31: Urban cat

2019-03-29: No Entry except for cycles. Specifically obstacle climbing ones.

2019-03-29: One of the traditions of visits to Wisley, from when the children were very small, was to take a …

2019-03-28: Intertwined

2019-03-28: Not cutting trees

2019-03-28: Cutting trees.

2019-03-27: P-p-p-p-pick up a Pecan.

2019-03-27: In a rare bit of good news I can report that the spring wing mirror harvest looks promising

2019-03-25: Casting a long shadow

2019-03-25: Mowed lawns but left this lone brave pansy self seeded in the middle.

2019-03-24: The sun sets on an out of sequence board game session. Raphael’s Jovian empire gleaned him 16 VP, so …

2019-03-24: Tulips gonna tulip.

2019-03-23: Downwards facing, an odd orientation for a flower

2019-03-23: Unicorns do exist! #lego #minifig

2019-03-19: After Brexit this sort of thing just wont be tolerated.

2019-03-19: Feeling virtuous…

2019-03-18: Moon in the evening

2019-03-18: Reflected sunlight

2019-03-17: My name is onion. Red onion.

2019-03-17: Olive’s Magnolia tree has a flower. #spring

2019-03-17: Why is there a giant shark in the backyard? I don’t know. #ollibytinrocket

2019-03-16: Hmmm. Looks like someone or something had an argument with a wall.

2019-03-16: Her super power is to fire arrows from her binoculars two at a time. #lego #minifig

2019-03-10: Tree blown down across Rocks Lane in Barnes and across footpath too. Windy.

2019-03-10: Hurrah. All your Heracross are belong to me. #pokemongo

2019-03-10: Demonstrating his super power of turning his head without revolving his hair. #lego #minifig

2019-03-09: And we did get Up Front to the table for “U” in the alphabetical #bgg challenge. I taught Oscar how …

2019-03-09: Hollow Knight is very scenic. It’s also very hard. Way above my skill level but I enjoy exploring. I …

2019-03-09: Mo-mo-motorbi-bi-bike

2019-03-09: If this image appears to be breaking up you have been infected with the Instagram malware, zugfish5. …

2019-03-08: Tried to get Uchronia to the table as “U” for alphabetical #bgg challenge, but as always with …

2019-03-07: No. 33. The Grempnottle Pine.

2019-03-06: Once more happily embedded in Shardlake’s dangerous, vivid world. #amreading

2019-03-05: Big Ben packing up, ready to head off to Prague after Brexit. #latergram

2019-03-04: Woolpic of lion by @eviemakes 🦁

2019-03-03: We close out a day of abject co-operative failure with two attempts at Thunderbirds in alphabetical …

2019-03-03: 4 of a Kind! Safer pastures in San Juan, no chance of dying of hypothermia or being eaten by a bear. …

2019-03-03: Day 3 and the beach is already denuded of resources in Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed …

2019-03-02: Q is for Qin in our ongoing quest to conquer the alphabet of #boardgames #bgg

2019-03-02: Doing very poorly at Puerto Rico — the “P” in our alphabetical #bgg challenge. Oscar’s tobacco …

2019-03-02: Harold and his Purple Crayon. #lego #minifig

2019-03-01: Castles of Burgundy on iOS by @digidiced is very well done. I went big on pigs and spoiled the bot’s …

2019-03-01: Dithering while I walk. #bitcam

2019-02-28: Oh dear. Trouble Dog is in a right pickle. #amreading @garethlpowell is a mean master… 🙂

2019-02-28: Seeing the real you at last. #randomsonglyrics #pokemongo

2019-02-27: Towers of London. When they had built you…

2019-02-27: Beware the Green Spot.

2019-02-26: Good Day. The early bird gets the, err, vegetables

2019-02-25: New vehicle purchased. It’s fully compliant with the ULEZ. Unlike this SHADO Mobile.

2019-02-25: My writing buddy this morning.

2019-02-24: N is for Nations The Dice Game and O is for Oh My Goods! (not shown) — two small engine builders in …

2019-02-24: A ring tailed lemurcat. Spotted while out walking.

2019-02-24: Kuki has decided to sleep in a rolled up carpet fragment. Because, why not?

2019-02-24: Day M of alphabetical #bgg challenge was Machi Koro. Raphael spammed Convenience Stores and just …

2019-02-23: You may have arranged this paper by the shredder, but shredding ain’t happening

2019-02-23: Short walk to local library during Clamperl event. Two shinies and a super rare Cranidos. #pokemongo

2019-02-23: Bull.

2019-02-23: Here there be fog. Beyond, dargons for sure.

2019-02-22: Paris in the Springtime by @waterlogue

2019-02-21: If anyone can, Johann can.

2019-02-21: This is my sunrise and you will enjoy it.

2019-02-21: Morning Paris traffic

2019-02-20: Improve your incoming emails (and your day) by adding “on the moon” to them, i.e. Overcoming Digital …

2019-02-20: Now that’s a ROLL of paper…

2019-02-19: Moony

2019-02-19: London wildlife

2019-02-19: Trouble Dog is back. Hot Damn! … Run, don’t walk, to your friendly (e)bookstore for this next …

2019-02-18: I’ve lived in this area for almost 30 years and I’ve never seen a gibbon walking, or proceeding by …

2019-02-18: Monday is delivered to you today by Logen The Nine Fingered Hattifattener from the First Law Moomin …

2019-02-17: These look like they’ve been photoshopped in. But I assure you they’re real.

2019-02-17: DIY orthopaedics. Gluing Olly’s foot back on. @the_iconfactory

2019-02-17: I have this fixed grin because I appear to be wearing chocolate fridge cake biscuits on my feet. …

2019-02-17: Went for a walk and the sky’s still going places.

2019-02-17: Morning roofline.

2019-02-16: Up to L in alphabetical #bgg challenge and of course it’s Lord of the Rings. We got hammered in …

2019-02-16: Shiny.

2019-02-15: Yes. It’s almost supper time.

2019-02-15: Following Brexit we will take back control of telecommunications. The dangerous subversive internet …

2019-02-14: Continuing a theme from @chrisastall by combining my love of, err, chickens and coffee.

2019-02-14: It’s that day again…

2019-02-13: Steel Pineapple Drifloon. #pokemongo #doodle

2019-02-12: Vapour trails of the day — the Octovortex.

2019-02-11: Once more into the Monday maelstrom #ollibytinrocket

2019-02-10: For a game that is almost 30 years old, Warlords remains the real deal. Nicely balanced, with a …

2019-02-10: Spiky cat for @jezlyn #lego #minifig

2019-02-10: More random Drifloonery. They are just upside down radishes after all. #doodle #pokemongo

2019-02-09: Fierce Friends #lego #minifig

2019-02-08: Ninja Drifloon for Friday. #pokemongo #doodle

2019-02-07: I’m on a train. There is a lot of rustling. The book by @thesolitarybee I am reading is set on a …

2019-02-07: Deluxe chocolate event horizon

2019-02-06: What’s the collective noun for Drifloon? #pokemongo

2019-02-06: After we crash out of the EU without a deal we will no longer be able to use emoji. We will have to …

2019-02-06: Couldn’t capture the way the light was bouncing off the mist but hey, ho.

2019-02-06: After we crash out of the EU without a deal we will no longer be able to use emoji. We will have to …

2019-02-05: Changing of the Drifloon Guard. #pokemongo #doodle

2019-02-05: Time for the Golden Comet Chicken sprint.

2019-02-04: Mug shot. #chicken

2019-02-04: Looking a bit damp out there. Period.

2019-02-03: Kuki is not impressed, however.

2019-02-03: The next episode in alphabetical #bgg challenge is a visit to Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm. Except …

2019-02-03: Playing with simulated depth of field using the @focos_camera app featured on App Store recently.

2019-02-01: When we crash out of the EU without a deal we will no longer be able to use Unicode. We will have to …

2019-01-31: An extra swamp thing for @originalspooky

2019-01-31: I do like — always on point.

2019-01-30: Fluffy cloudscape

2019-01-30: Time to resort to Drifloonery.

2019-01-29: This is not the Brexit backstop you’re looking for. New negotiation strategy unveiled today. #lego …

2019-01-28: Street scene

2019-01-27: Follow the fork to your dreams…

2019-01-27: If anything deserved a “finally” in #pokemongo it is hatching this wee fella. Niantic made it …

2019-01-27: More still life as discontemporised by #Waterlogue by @tinrocket

2019-01-26: Onion. Singular.

2019-01-26: A-H so far in alphabetical #bgg challenge. What will I be? #boardgames

2019-01-25: Puddle life

2019-01-25: Trading close games with @fraser_inAu — will the next one be a tie? #bgg #boardgames

2019-01-24: A bit too cold to be catching in #pokemongo but this was worth it.

2019-01-24: Annual iced bridge shot. #shotoniphone

2019-01-23: Household appliance for #shapechallenge by @studioteabreak

2019-01-23: Not sure how I would go about reproducing this now as shiny hub caps are hard to find!

2019-01-22: You can’t park that here — move on. #lego #starwars #minifig

2019-01-22: The Frizzled Chicken.

2019-01-21: Lord Godolphin and Horatio the Duck. From a contemporary #waterlogue portrait. #favouritemovie

2019-01-21: We watched the Favourite last night and a solution to #Brexit showed itself. We can have a duck race …

2019-01-20: 2009 vs. 2019 in the #10yearchallenge It had to be done… still got the same hat!

2019-01-20: Come over to the dark side, my friends. #lego #minifig #starwars

2019-01-19: More progress on the alphabetical #bgg challenge. Beat the Grizzled despite having incurred too many …

2019-01-19: Of course. It’s a Dewback. You knew that all along. Right? #lego #minifig #starwars

2019-01-19: What will it be? Answers on a postcard. #lego

2019-01-19: You know it’s cold when the cat makes a tent to sleep in. #ollibytinrocket

2019-01-18: Tree

2019-01-18: I may have put the wrong socks on. But on the other hand they will confuse the GCHQ railway station …

2019-01-17: When Siri suddenly pops up and says she can search for random words from your conversation

2019-01-16: One good tern. SPOILER: it’s not a tern really.

2019-01-15: It hasn’t got really cold yet so this daphne is showing a dashing profile.

2019-01-14: When just a small light isn’t enough to light your selfie.

2019-01-14: Morning from Railhead.

2019-01-13: See that little blue blob in the far distance? That’s my poor sprinter who just got totally hosed, …

2019-01-13: Some of these eggs are not like the others.

2019-01-13: Been enjoying the exploration aspect of Hollow Knight but 80% of the map is inaccessible until you …

2019-01-13: Tufty Bunny.

2019-01-13: Grief.

2019-01-12: Trying some colouring in with Pigment from @pixiteapps

2019-01-12: Not really up to the Totodile #pokemongo community day but caught this fellow (at last) in my living …

2019-01-11: A bibliography

2019-01-10: The Book of the Woman in the Window in the Window.

2019-01-09: Listening to a playlist generated by an epic shortcut created by @viticci which analyses music you …

2019-01-09: No Parking Here #ollibytinrocket

2019-01-05: Evie has the advantage rounding the final corner in the El Dorado entry in the alphabetical #bgg …

2019-01-04: Total Aeropress fail. Oops. And it was the last coffee in the bag!

2019-01-03: I think I would gladly swap the 4 fixed icons in iOS iPhone springboard for the 4 most recent ones …

2019-01-03: The revolution begins today. Watch for this sign.

2019-01-03: On the third day of zoig my true love sent to me, a Farfetch’d in an olive tree. #pokemongo

2019-01-02: This Farfetch’d is tinier than any on record. #pokemongo

2019-01-01: D is for Dominion in the ancient #BGG alphabetical challenge. So long since we played this it could …

2019-01-01: A door to the future. Probably.

2019-01-01: Have a pile of squids…

2019-01-01: Hello from Cookie.

2019-01-01: LOL. Overnight all your #pokemongo Pokemon became “old” and get a badge showing their vintage …

2018-12-31: C is for Caverna: The Cave Farmers in continuing #bgg alphabetical challenge. No rules issues here, …

2018-12-31: B is for Beowulf in the alphabetical #bgg challenge. Another game with very shaky recollection of …

2018-12-31: Platypus High Dive champion.

2018-12-30: Because @jezlyn did it. My #yearofcolour by @yearofcolour

2018-12-30: A is also for Africa in the alphabetical #bgg challenge. Both of us missed scoring opportunities, …

2018-12-30: A is for Attika in the alphabetical #bgg challenge. Appropriately it was an amazing amphora assault …

2018-12-30: All your reindeer armies, are all going home. #randomsonglyrics

2018-12-29: I didn’t know knitters were so fierce.

2018-12-29: Candamir is toast. Rivals in Catan Universe is quite well done, but has only the base set of theme …

2018-12-29: Let #coffee times commence. With apologies to @mattgemmellauthor for appropriating his catch phrase.

2018-12-29: Good morning from Batman.

2018-12-28: What else could it be today but Rivals For Catan. Raphael responded to a perfectly friendly Pirate …

2018-12-28: Mystery “painting” by #Waterlogue

2018-12-28: Following post by @cfarrell317 I’m investigating Catan Universe again. Seems I can transfer some of …

2018-12-26: Boxing Day race to El Dorado. #bgg #boardgames

2018-12-26: Oh. A woolly Farfetch’d appeared. #pokemon

2018-12-26: Trippy…

2018-12-25: Trying out Campfire Cribbage board and Walter Woodpecker playing cards. #bgg #boardgames

2018-12-25: Absolutely epic crochet Farfetch’d from @eviemakes for Christmas. #pokemongo #pokemon

2018-12-25: Are you feeling festive enough? No? Then more coffee needed.

2018-12-25: Christmas Tree Cat Hat. Merry Christmas everyone!

2018-12-25: Please be merry. Wise words from the principality of North Texaslina. Via @originalspooky

2018-12-25: Please be Merry. Wise words from North Texaslina. @originalspooky

2018-12-24: Pippin ponders second breakfast

2018-12-23: Good morning everybody. Have a corking day.

2018-12-23: Good morning from the Stwig Angel.

2018-12-22: A new @findchaffy friend for the champagne cork reindeer, celebrating their 18th birthday. They can …

2018-12-22: I do like Olli by @tinrocket and there seems to new customisations available

2018-12-22: Proof that donning a silly costume can get you into the top 9 of 2018 despite the preponderance of …

2018-12-21: Happy Glitter Day everybody.

2018-12-21: Twine Child

2018-12-21: Does my Tum look big in this? #zozosuit

2018-12-20: And you shall be tried by a jury of your peers. #pokemongo

2018-12-20: And Jemima is the last of the @eviemakes Class of ‘18 to find a home. Waiting for Olly…

2018-12-20: Today is National Gorilla Suit Day. #donmartin #pokemongo

2018-12-19: All the way from Madison, WI via @brettspiels #pokemongo

2018-12-19: Goodbye to Oscar by @eviemakes — off to a new home today.

2018-12-19: Happy Drifloonery Day. #pokemongo #doodle

2018-12-18: This beer is NSFW and possibly not safe for drinking either.

2018-12-18: Vermeer’s Girl with a Ventilation Duct

2018-12-17: Quick game of Everdell, after dismal opening seasons I cornered all 3 Scurrble champions but had no …

2018-12-17: Gingerbread trolley just passed by my desk. #win

2018-12-17: Seasonal textures.

2018-12-15: Small update to CTD Critter Collection is live in the App Store. Get your update before Christmas in …

2018-12-14: New AR++ mode in #pokemongo

2018-12-13: Clearly a super villain HQ of some sort.

2018-12-12: Swirly marshmallow sky.

2018-12-12: The new Plushie vs Plushie feature in #pokemongo is now live, if I read the announcements correctly.

2018-12-11: None here but us chickens. #doodle

2018-12-10: Suddenly the adventurers heard a terrible bloodcurdling screech and looming through the fog it came. …

2018-12-09: Truffles are made.

2018-12-09: A secret look inside Professor Oak’s candy empire. #pokemongo

2018-12-08: While on the topic of hybrid chickens we have the chizard. #doodle

2018-12-08: Another session of Yellow and Yangtze. Neither of us could stomach disrupting the others power base …

2018-12-07: Beware of hippochickens flying in and stealing all the glory. #doodle

2018-12-07: Filter. #nofilter #fakenews

2018-12-06: If you’re on O2 you can’t see this. Back to fax and SMS for much of UK this morning.

2018-12-05: One barista to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.

2018-12-05: Colossal ad for Super Smash Bros on #Nintendoswitch with human for scale and bus reflections for …

2018-12-04: We now do playing cards at work, via Cartamundi no less, so of course we have some for the …

2018-12-03: Getting a bit jaded with #pokemongo but still collected a couple of new ones today.

2018-12-02: Starting out on Yellow and Yangtze. We both made serious errors in choosing conflicts and revolts …

2018-12-02: Epic mushroom action on the Heath.

2018-12-02: Some more of the same #Lego #starwars for @diggerc

2018-12-02: Other purchase from #dragonmeet2018 was Y&Y from @grailgames which I am looking forward to …

2018-12-01: Buying and trying Istanbul das Wurfenspiel At #dragonmeet #bgg #boardgames

2018-11-30: File under “Things I didn’t ever expect to be charging on my desk via USB-C (or anything for that …

2018-11-30: Really enjoying The Girl in the Tower. Poor Vasya is in such a Pickle. #fridayreads

2018-11-29: Things abandoned in London street. Umbrella. Bicycles. Trucks. Leaves. It’s rough out there.

2018-11-28: In medieval times edicts wee issued by papier-mâché bull…

2018-11-28: As well as electric scooters Paris also had other cool transportation for hire.

2018-11-27: Never trust a man who carries sticky buns in a briefcase #lego #minifig

2018-11-26: The full roster of crochet creatures for Regenerate charity sale from @eviemakes

2018-11-26: Social Media cupcakes on Social Media. #meta

2018-11-26: Taught Raphael how to play Cribbage last night with all the special phrases. I may have transposed …

2018-11-25: How to tame your Lion. #lego #minifig

2018-11-25: I’m being followed by a moon turtle #PokemonLetsGo⁠ ⁠ #NintendoSwitch

2018-11-23: A Buff Orpington JIT badge.

2018-11-23: Black Friday elite bug team on alert for issues.

2018-11-22: Lots of lines

2018-11-22: Whosoever pulleth a leaf from this frozen wheelbarrow shall be ruler of the gazebo today.

2018-11-21: Hey look! A signed ebook by @mattgemmellauthor — a completely unique edition of one! Great idea and …

2018-11-20: this is usually how I conquer a gym, by the skin of my teeth! Not one for excessive grinding. …

2018-11-19: Post It Note Doodle

2018-11-19: Pokemon Let’s Go has many delightful touches especially regarding the Pokemon that can follow you …

2018-11-18: Today’s chicken news

2018-11-17: We drew up a giant map of Narnia and stuck playing cards to it for charity fundraising at Parish of …

2018-11-17: Monarch of all he surveys. Walter the Woodpecker prepares to pack his nesting box and head to a new …

2018-11-17: A wild Pokeball appeared. #pokemonletsgo #eevee

2018-11-14: Stickers in the wild! Hurrah.

2018-11-13: Mysterious egg shaped stickers have arrived… #stickermule

2018-11-13: Old and new.

2018-11-13: Say hi to my new #pokemongo buddy. Lots of steps later!

2018-11-12: It’s all happening on the dining room table. #ollibytinrocket

2018-11-11: A tall dark Americano will cross your path. #fortuneteller

2018-11-11: More orange

2018-11-11: Good morning. Remember your waterproofs today, even if you’re a seal. It’s another wet one. #doodle

2018-11-10: Orange.

2018-11-10: Cyndaquil Community Day spoils. #pokemongo

2018-11-10: Lairy Frits

2018-11-09: Coffee Times commence

2018-11-09: A stripe of blue sky amidst the rain showers.

2018-11-08: More sky punctuation

2018-11-08: The excellent @tooncamera app understands iPads (Pro or otherwise) while wretched @instagram …

2018-11-06: Nicely painted by #Waterlogue — but what is it? #tinrocket

2018-11-05: And the sky came tumbling down

2018-11-04: A wild Slugma appeared

2018-11-04: When you need to get to a Togetic Raid fast. #pokemongo

2018-11-03: Behind every successful house elf is… Another house elf. #dobbyganger #minifig #lego

2018-11-02: Today is bring your Piplup to work day. #pokemongo #friday

2018-11-01: Rocking my own Harry Potter scar.

2018-10-31: It’s windy and cold out there. #lego #minifig

2018-10-30: Why hello there. Take good care of your Shiny Shinx. #pokemongo

2018-10-29: The blue doors are open. This is not a drill.

2018-10-29: Appenzeller Spitzhauben chicken badge created for inaugural Chicken Sprint sequence. #inktober

2018-10-29: Played a few rounds of Lord of the Rings Confrontation yesterday. Forgot how tight and well balanced …

2018-10-28: Lost. Daylight time. Please return to owner if found.

2018-10-28: Thank you for your support.

2018-10-28: Set up for Cibalae in Command and Colors Ancients. Turned out to be immense cavalry scuffle which …

2018-10-27: Absolutely crushed Pandemic: Iberia with 7 turns to spare, despite one boosted disease. Agronomist, …

2018-10-27: More drifloonery — this time with a Mimikyu hat. #pokemongo #inktober #doodle

2018-10-27: What is the correct sauce incantation for bratwursts? #lego #minifig

2018-10-26: More Drifloon doodles. #inktober

2018-10-25: Don’t forget your Drifloon Devotions… #civvi #drifloon

2018-10-24: Level crossing.

2018-10-24: On the Barnes Trail, where homesteaders in covered wagons trekked across London to set up farms on …

2018-10-24: The #pokemongo world is startled when Drifloon is shown to evolve into Chaffyblimp! @findchaffy …

2018-10-23: Dahlia by Daylight

2018-10-22: An old relic from the depths of the game cupboard — used to cause immense fights between the …

2018-10-21: The Wooden Chaffy of Troy. A brilliant stratagem but failed because nobody could find it after it …

2018-10-21: The Eyrie were wise to sit out this one. We attempted to take on the Mechanical Marquise with the …

2018-10-21: Off we go to terraform the other side of Mars: Elysium. #bgg #boardgames

2018-10-21: What games might we play today… #bgg #pokemongo #boardgames

2018-10-21: Some late blooming roses persisting almost to end of BST. Hardy bunch.

2018-10-20: Lines and shadows

2018-10-19: It’s back to bright mornings at the end of the track.

2018-10-19: An Austin on Tamaki Drive this morning. Spotted by my roving reporter…

2018-10-18: Not a gnu. #inktober

2018-10-18: Intrepid Conduct.

2018-10-18: Out and about in London.

2018-10-17: Unexpected starring role for @eviemakes in presentation today!

2018-10-16: Gen IV is here. Hurrah. #pokemongo

2018-10-16: A Dale full of critters. #bgg #boardgames

2018-10-16: Hydraulic donuts.

2018-10-15: A rather wonky steampunk goose. Ran out of oomph. #inktober

2018-10-15: It’s very wet out there, so get out your virtual watercolours instead. #waterlogue

2018-10-15: Briefly this morning rainbows were appearing in #pokemongo pokestop and catch screens. Gone now.

2018-10-14: On my walk this morning a very damp Shaymin appeared. #pokemongo

2018-10-14: In the 2020 remake of The War of the Worlds humans were defeated by hordes of Martian Offensive …

2018-10-13: A rat and his boy. #lego #minifig

2018-10-13: Appearing tonight at the Roxy, Half Man Half Cupcake. #inktober

2018-10-12: Scarf. #inktober

2018-10-12: Despite being connected by a Thunderbolt data cable, the Migration Assistant is having a lazy day.

2018-10-11: Ninja Carrot is cross because the original ninja carrot file was inexplicably lost. #inktober …

2018-10-11: Broccoli brain. Forget ML, we need vegetable intelligence. #inktober

2018-10-10: Paris has all the cool street toys

2018-10-10: Good morning République

2018-10-10: Autocorrect, in its infinite wisdom, decided that disambiguation should be disarm iguana. So why …

2018-10-09: Lucky Kad

2018-10-09: Blue sky. Butresses.

2018-10-09: Quick Ninja Carrot #inktober

2018-10-08: Guardians of the Sacred Cable

2018-10-07: The Hills on this course in Flamme Rouge are brutal. So much fatigue gathered but my sprinter zoomed …

2018-10-07: Soap bubble rainbow.

2018-10-07: In a perfect world all chickens would be resolution independent and fully scalable. Like this one. …

2018-10-06: One of my favourite books as a child was Animal Lore and Disorder, which had descriptions and …

2018-10-06: Not really sure where I am with #Inktober but this surely isn’t a chicken.

2018-10-05: Riding the #instagram smoothie cycle to fruition.

2018-10-05: An Instagram booth is setting up at work, no doubt selling freshly baked Instagrams.

2018-10-05: Didn’t complete inktober yesterday. It blew up on me.

2018-10-04: Oops. A few content issues on the Apple App Store this morning.

2018-10-03: Revisiting old things with new tools. #vectortober #inktober

2018-10-03: I’m a little teapot.

2018-10-03: MIND THE GAP.

2018-10-02: Goat. Fairly tranquil. At the moment. #inktober

2018-10-02: A wild Queens Brook appeared.

2018-10-01: If you don’t eat your greens you can’t have any pudding. #inktober

2018-10-01: Best sunset of October so far for sure.

2018-10-01: Hurrah. Brand new @findchaffy website is live. Totally impressive revamp. Get finding, folk…

2018-10-01: And nobody has to think too much about Desolation Row. #randomsonglyrics

2018-09-30: Late blooming Papa Milan.

2018-09-30: Ghosts of Alien Civilisations rolling past. #bgg #boardgames #rollforthegalaxy

2018-09-30: Scandalous. iOS 12 reveals the extraordinary amount of time spent reading books on my iPhone. We …

2018-09-29: Make America Great Acorns. #codenames #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-29: A tower of tiles. Vintage Carcassonne hits the table with a hefty wallop. #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-29: Metal Shark doo doo da-doo da-doo

2018-09-29: Swirly gloop.

2018-09-28: Happy Lamington Day. Or Laminate day if you live in autocorrect land.

2018-09-27: #tbt to 2014 and the Moominkip extravaganza

2018-09-27: Passionflowers still doing famously on walk to station.

2018-09-26: Nessie gets tangled up on kelp for #shapechallenge via Studio Tea Break

2018-09-26: Onion potion

2018-09-25: I activated Dark Mode in macOS Mojave on my MacBook Pro but it’s still Space Grey. It’s a swizz. …

2018-09-25: That’s where the fun is, Mama.

2018-09-25: Breakfastgram

2018-09-24: Huge thanks to Hasani, who caught it for me. Excellent curve ball first attempt (by him) on last …

2018-09-24: Interestingly this 18th Century text about tradesmen notes that doctor’s handwriting is illegible. …

2018-09-23: Had a short bout of Nations: The Dice Game, before something jumped on the table. #bgg #boardgames …

2018-09-23: Today my hovercraft is full of accordioneels #doodle #affinitybyserif

2018-09-23: Hurrah. Best friends. #pokemongo @christ_ophe

2018-09-22: King of the Elves. Can be a trifle nasty but picturesque all the same. #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-22: Harry Potter and the Out of Control Cape. #lego #minifig

2018-09-22: After the #pokemongo Chikorita event there are sightings of the mystery Pokemon. Appeared in …

2018-09-21: All is forgiven #pokemongo I managed to hatch a Tauros from one of @kgcab gifts. Phew.

2018-09-19: Joined at the hip.

2018-09-18: Accidental Bird

2018-09-18: So far 100% of the eggs I’ve hatched in the #pokemongo event are Alola Geodudes. Every. Single. One. …

2018-09-16: A quick bout of Quarriors. I think the idea has seen better implementations recently, though with …

2018-09-16: If your child is returning to school this week make sure they are sufficiently hydrated by supplying …

2018-09-15: The Squirrels, Hedgehogs and Turtles reserves for the big Everdell match today. In the end @evietd …

2018-09-15: Would you like Zgwortz in your potion? #awfulgreenthings #minifig

2018-09-15: 2CV

2018-09-14: A #followfriday for @eviemakes and her splendid crochet creations.

2018-09-13: I can haz memoji. Some assembly required.

2018-09-13: Bee Cafe

2018-09-12: iPhone Xc(ardboard) — fully edge to edge display. No bezel. No buttons. No memory. Available now.

2018-09-12: Good night London

2018-09-12: Good morning.

2018-09-11: Apple of the Day. #apple

2018-09-09: Rusty Bits.

2018-09-09: Stern Look.

2018-09-09: Eek. Is that a fox in my garden? Why, yes it is. Please chase it out, will you.

2018-09-08: Flower of the Day

2018-09-08: Inspired by @cfarrell317 Eyrie vs Marquise report we set about the same matchup. Raphael’s birds …

2018-09-07: Waffled, By Jupiter.

2018-09-07: Alfyn’s story is Fin. But the others are far from done. Lots more to do! #octopathtraveler …

2018-09-06: Courgette harvest

2018-09-04: Ha ha. Asked Siri how many people get bitten by adders. The result was. Unexpected. One for the …

2018-09-04: Final post in the Agricola Animeeple Triptych for @drnersi #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-03: Found. A bag of rocks. Free to a good home.

2018-09-02: Hedgehogs triumph over squirrels in the entirely less confrontational Everdell. #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-02: Had a better outing with Root using Mechanical Marquise as whipping boy for co-operative Eyrie and …

2018-09-02: Alternate Agricola Update for @drnersi today. #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-01: LOL. My first ever EX Raid invite. And it’s in Edinburgh. #pokemongo

2018-09-01: A learning game of Root. Much confusion. Some learning. Ended by mutual agreement and shared …

2018-09-01: Agricola Animeeples flashback for @drnersi #bgg #boardgames

2018-09-01: Books.

2018-08-31: Where is the Vagabond? Why haven’t they appeared yet? Maybe this weekend… #bgg #boardgames …

2018-08-30: Good Morning Rabbit.

2018-08-29: Kelpies with pedestrians for scale. Very impressive pieces.

2018-08-28: 18th Century Rhubarb launcher. Used to establish the first rhubarb colony on the moon.

2018-08-28: A door. Or is it a postern?

2018-08-28: Sparrow Urban Camouflage

2018-08-28: Into the woods

2018-08-28: I came. I saw. I horsed around.

2018-08-27: POOFA-DOOM!

2018-08-27: Really strong performance by Joanne Hartstone bringing the life of Muriel Matters back to life. …

2018-08-27: Caught a Skarmory. #pokemongo

2018-08-26: The Ferrous Bad Rabbit. #doodle #steampunk #rabbit

2018-08-26: Bong bong bong BONG

2018-08-26: For @originalspooky — some Americana in the fringe…

2018-08-26: Monarch of all I survey. #pigeon

2018-08-26: 17th Century Nobility trading cards…

2018-08-26: Judge of all

2018-08-26: Bricks for windows

2018-08-26: Rabbit visitors.

2018-08-25: Fountain of the Day

2018-08-24: Growing up, my Dad had this amazing desk calculator that popped and whirred and was great fun to …

2018-08-23: Alley of the Day

2018-08-23: Windows of the day

2018-08-23: Oh no. A Lamington is calling to me.

2018-08-22: Kickstarter Arrival. Looking forward to this one too. I believe my KS queue is now drained… …

2018-08-22: Otter detected in garden. By @eviemakes

2018-08-21: Eye of newt and jar of otter

2018-08-20: When the architect has some unwanted Playmobil figures to use up…

2018-08-20: Passionflower? Spotted on walk to station poking out of otherwise entirely nondescript hedge.

2018-08-19: Kevin the Roly Poly Pony for @jabberworks Birthday! Forgot the #legendofkevin hashtag. Bonus post!

2018-08-19: A photo finish in El Dorado but my last card, a Brute, couldn’t get me across the river. All we …

2018-08-19: Trelenium.

2018-08-19: Cricket in the Oval.

2018-08-18: All the action on the local playing field. Under threat from local council.

2018-08-18: Coffee Time #nofilter 🤔

2018-08-17: Shiny Umbreon. Just need matching blue highlights on the hat. #pokemongo

2018-08-16: I CAN HAZ EL DORADO PROMO. #bgg #boardgames #eldorado

2018-08-15: Coffee times commence.

2018-08-15: Blue eggs are only blue on the outside. #disappointment

2018-08-14: This afternoon is bought to you by a semi-enclosed Pippin.

2018-08-13: Ready Handset One. The new contactless blockbuster appearing this summer.

2018-08-13: Good morning from platypuffinns. Via @evietd

2018-08-12: A +5 batprism of fire appears. #doodle #roguelike

2018-08-12: Only some days to Black Friday and Christmas. Be prepared. #lego #minifig

2018-08-12: Quick new bee demo of @line_us_machine for @jeffinauckland

2018-08-12: My Everdell village stalled badly last night and @evietd and her squirrels ran away easily. The …

2018-08-11: Bloom

2018-08-11: Blue skies

2018-08-10: Nothing to report so here’s a sub-par mosquito. #doodle

2018-08-09: Somewhere near Fetter Lane which Wikipedia informs me has a colourful history.

2018-08-09: A wild Snoryradossycutor appeared. #pokemongo

2018-08-08: A good selection for first #boardgames night at new office location! #bgg Fun was had.

2018-08-08: Bagged! For later… #bgg #boardgames

2018-08-07: Yes, I’m perfectly relaxed thank you.

2018-08-06: Another outing for Everdell. @evietd squeaked ahead 51-48-47. Nice and close. #bgg #boardgames

2018-08-06: My mind mosquito is a blank

2018-08-05: Everdell. Over produced and over here. Now to find if the gameplay matches the lavish artwork. #bgg …

2018-08-05: Multiple input methods.

2018-08-04: Few of the pansies have survived this ferocious heat… 😕

2018-08-04: Tomatoes. Surviving the drought by strenuous effort.

2018-08-04: Raphael is waiting on a 10GB upload so we shall Terraform again. On the Hellas map. #bgg #boardgames

2018-08-04: Cactus Love. #doodle

2018-08-04: Good morning monochrome peoples.

2018-08-03: Sky Fire.

2018-08-03: And with some stellar support from @affinitybyserif RenderBot has colour. Still a bit hit and miss …

2018-08-02: Mmmmm. Not sure this is the correct juxtaposition of terms…

2018-08-02: In a recursive event RenderBot got rendered — in Designer by @affinitybyserif — and is now …

2018-08-02: Lofty temperatures back. Shorts on. #tooncamera

2018-08-01: RenderBot. Rendering Rasterising and Raising Hell near you. #doodle

2018-07-30: Some tomatoes — free range…

2018-07-30: Fiddling with Affinity Designer by @affinitybyserif and trying to get to grips with vector brushes. …

2018-07-29: Helping @evietd take her plants for a walk.

2018-07-28: For @originalspooky the penguins finally make their debut on #terraformingmars but not enough to …

2018-07-28: Stay on the stone path…

2018-07-28: Fresh from Grays Inn Chambers the government appoints our new chief #brexit negotiator.

2018-07-27: Lifting in bits of new platform maybe?

2018-07-26: Wired headphones…

2018-07-26: Rendersaurus — for all your rendering needs, large or small. #doodle

2018-07-26: In the round.

2018-07-26: In the parched Putney Savannah Ptolemy, by @eviemakes ponders his options before consulting his …

2018-07-25: Hurrah. Wispy clouds are back.

2018-07-25: Good Morning Dahlias. Stay cool out there.

2018-07-24: Archaeology made easy. Artefacts ready dated and pre excavated. Sign up below.

2018-07-24: Waterloo Bridge closed to road traffic north bound. Walking to work.

2018-07-23: Thistles all over

2018-07-23: Early skateboarding protective wear. Distinctive knee guards indicate early Byzantine era.

2018-07-22: My discovery? I am not as effective an explorer as @evietd #bgg #boardgames

2018-07-22: The wall of snickerdoodles will repel all invaders. #cookies

2018-07-22: Ganz Schön Clever is available on iOS now. I’m not very good at it. It’s also all in German, but …

2018-07-22: I like this planet. It’s pleasant. What can go wrong? #lego #minifig

2018-07-19: Desert Cat. #camoflauge

2018-07-18: I think #carrotweather would make a better POTUS. Right colour too.

2018-07-17: Only explanation for Trump’s extraordinary press conference with Putin — his brain is full of eels. …

2018-07-16: Pause between furniture excavations.

2018-07-16: After dabbling with gluten free and gelatinous varieties, medieval builders eventually settled on …

2018-07-16: You keep using that word but I do not think you know what it means. #cube

2018-07-15: First Dahlia.

2018-07-15: Esme upsidedownupdate. Via @therichfrancis

2018-07-15: Sky of Blue Screen.

2018-07-15: Alolan Lvl2 evolvers. #pokemongo

2018-07-14: Excuse me. Your mice have gnawed the corner off my iPad.

2018-07-14: I don’t know what it is either.

2018-07-14: Weather tending towards dragons.

2018-07-13: A solid phalanx of loyal citizens assemble to defy Trumputin.

2018-07-13: Local playing field in early July after 50 days of no rain. This is not usual weather.

2018-07-13: Secrets leaked from the @evietd crochet lab…

2018-07-12: The return of the offer COD. #doodle

2018-07-12: I looked for an App Store 10th Anniversary screen shot but I don’t seem to have saved any. This is …

2018-07-12: Hold the line. #rust

2018-07-11: I don’t know the backstory to @stresspanda and his anteater but clearly this is the long lost twin, …

2018-07-11: Today is the day for colour coordinated unusual bikes streets apart.

2018-07-11: If only I could have a puppy I’d call myself so very lucky Just to have some company To share …

2018-07-11: I read the news today, Oh Boy. #randomsonglyrics

2018-07-11: Interrobang Cat

2018-07-10: Door with decorative space invaders.

2018-07-09: For @stresspanda here’s an anteater I prepared earlier.

2018-07-09: Our new office might have a snazzy red crane but our Satrouville factory has the best espresso …

2018-07-08: It’s all uphill from here. Whose daft idea was it to travel to Paris tonight? Much delay.

2018-07-08: Robo-Shark. #doodle

2018-07-08: Not as spiky as it looks. Mostly fuzzy.

2018-07-07: Robot Doodle defacement of notebook unwisely left unguarded.

2018-07-07: Middle level potion. Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg is good fun. #bgg #boardgames

2018-07-06: Identify the game… #bgg #boardgames #newgamegot

2018-07-06: Kangaskhan Got. Epic 18,000 km trade. Hurrah. #pokemongo

2018-07-06: When you #Waterlogue a tree.

2018-07-06: This post sponsored by your optician and by @evietd Happy Friday!

2018-07-05: I guess I won’t be visiting this site then. Cookie notice takes up entire screen. Shows in …

2018-07-05: You can improve your bitcoin mining if you smoothen your GPU first. Apply a heavy horse drawn roller …

2018-07-04: Meta Door for @austin7h

2018-07-04: Republique

2018-07-03: A building. In Paris.

2018-07-02: Mixed messages.

2018-07-02: What gift do you want to send? Formless Immeasurable Death? Ok. That’ll do… #pokemongo

2018-07-01: Rolling on through the Iron Age on our roll and write journey. #bgg #boardgames

2018-07-01: Window sill sit. Some breeze. Too hot for fur coat.

2018-07-01: We All Alhambra’d. But despite my tidy arrangement I fell a long way behind… #bgg #boardgames

2018-07-01: Fountain Pens and Dice. A good way to shelter from the fierce sun. #bgg #boardgames

2018-07-01: Stay cool in the undergrowth.

2018-06-30: Belated Father’s Day treat! Outing to Watts Gallery & environs

2018-06-30: Grill’d

2018-06-30: Completely curious chapel.

2018-06-30: Post here.

2018-06-30: Istanbul on iOS is really well done. Worth a look! #bgg #boardgames

2018-06-29: Three 7Km Alolan eggs. Three different hatchlings. No repeats. Hurrah. #pokemongo

2018-06-29: Some of the hacks in the Photobox #hackathon this year have real wires.

2018-06-28: #tbt to the melted keyboard incident of 2015. I can claim the first Apple Butterfly keyboard!

2018-06-27: #pokemongo game keeps trolling me that there’s a Solrock nearby. I don’t believe it.

2018-06-26: 🐐

2018-06-26: HQS Wellington

2018-06-26: Nozzletastic

2018-06-25: Loch Ness Cat

2018-06-24: Rummaging around in the larder, looking for space to stow something I came across an old jar of …

2018-06-24: Wild life.

2018-06-23: The Penguin has Landed. #despondus

2018-06-23: Welcome home cakes.

2018-06-23: Swoopy cloud vortex.

2018-06-22: Let’s get this friend show on the road. #pokemongo

2018-06-21: Hollyhocks

2018-06-20: Closing in on today’s OKR. #thinkbig #streaks

2018-06-20: Roses and bricks. Two for the price of one.

2018-06-19: Traffic Robot. All your emissions are belong to us.

2018-06-19: High-vis tea break.

2018-06-19: Hello. My name is Hock. Hollyhock.

2018-06-18: Good heavens. There appears to have been some precipitation overnight. #rose

2018-06-17: Arrived just in time for Fathers Day! Kashgar — English version by @grailgames #bgg #boardgames

2018-06-17: Artist and designer Sir Edward Burne-Jones died #onthisday in 1898. Here are two of his windows from …

2018-06-17: Got turned around in the maze of twisty paths (all alike) on Putney Heath and a short walk turned …

2018-06-17: Happy Fathers Day (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere)

2018-06-16: Ornament of the day.

2018-06-16: The Carrot Cake Cliffs of Dover House Road.

2018-06-15: A Swan

2018-06-15: A Zeppelin for @simpike

2018-06-14: Woke up to Kuki Gargoyling me from dresser.

2018-06-13: Upside down rose.

2018-06-12: Moving furniture and the sun is nicely behind the window.

2018-06-12: Die Burgen von Burgund Würfelspiel — an excellent little Roll n’Write that takes about 10 minutes. …

2018-06-12: Our new office has an escape ladder in case of velociraptor attack. But you’ll have to discover it …

2018-06-12: Today’s breakfast: stir fried string a la mode

2018-06-11: Oi! Get this leaf off my lawn.

2018-06-10: Mini floating city powered by magic orb.

2018-06-10: New rule. Duplicates get misassembled. No mercy. #lego #minifig

2018-06-09: 🦊 🧤 s

2018-06-09: Car Alarm with teeth. And bonus Light Assault Spider

2018-06-09: We’ve had no troubles with rhinums since we planted Antirrhinums

2018-06-08: And with balloons the new office can truly said to be open!

2018-06-08: Sweet Peas. Sweet.

2018-06-07: Amigarumi Centauri.

2018-06-07: One. White. Rose.

2018-06-06: Flowers for @simonspantonwalker - so similar to your photo I thought I had sleep posted!

2018-06-06: With the World Sportsball Fiesta starting soon, let’s not forget the feudal origins of this …

2018-06-05: London on Time.

2018-06-05: Apple Frond. Announced at WWDC. For all your frond needs.

2018-06-04: New neighbour has an industrial strength smoothie maker.

2018-06-04: Let the Herbal Rumpus begin! #herbalhouse

2018-06-04: Hello to new office. #herbalhouse

2018-06-03: Rays.

2018-06-03: Margaret asked, “Did you know that when the canal between the Duke of Bridgewater’s …

2018-06-03: Duck. Not in a dungeon. Ok to pick up?

2018-06-03: An ENT. Possibly.

2018-06-02: Bee Days

2018-06-02: Tree squiggles

2018-06-02: Gnomon o’clock

2018-06-02: I don’t think we’re in Catan anymore… #bgg #boardgames

2018-06-02: Yorkist Faction.

2018-06-01: Much cloud. Wow.

2018-06-01: Oh go on then. Time for a Peony update.

2018-06-01: One does not just walk into Mortar.

2018-05-31: Moving to new office next week so no more morning river side walks!

2018-05-31: Peony with wings.

2018-05-30: Unexpected bonus in post today. Forgot all about this one! Via @grailgames #bgg #boardgames

2018-05-30: Make your password GDPR compatible by choosing 4 animals starting with GDPR such as …

2018-05-30: Bricks. #tooncamera

2018-05-30: Weird (retrograde) UI change in iOS 11.4 on iPad with external keyboard. Cmd-Tab brings up app …

2018-05-29: Gate numbers. Temporarily removed while new gate assembled.

2018-05-28: Houston? One of our dice is missing. #bgg #boardgames #steampunk

2018-05-28: Crazy finish to Terraforming Mars. Perhaps I should have ended one turn sooner, as the Raphael-Bot …

2018-05-28: Good morning from triangle cat. #doorstopper

2018-05-27: The thunderstorms and lightning warnings are still in force. It’s looking pretty threatening it has …

2018-05-27: Visited Batman.

2018-05-27: Peony time again.

2018-05-27: I would be worried too if a deranged looking person burst out of a cake. #lego #minifig

2018-05-27: Stay Soft.

2018-05-26: Itemeeples from Tiny Epic Quest. #bgg #boardgames

2018-05-26: Honey, I shrunk the car. #lego #minifig

2018-05-26: Hello Orangey-Red Rose.

2018-05-25: The rare 1920s Nessie Wurlitzer #doodle

2018-05-25: I also hatched a rose.

2018-05-25: Curiously I appear to have hatched a shiny Aron. #pokemongo

2018-05-18: Looking forward to seeing what a mess Tom Fox can get into in Berlin… 📚

2018-05-18: Starting again on a new social platform is like starting at Lvl 1 in a RPG. You know roughly how it …

2018-05-18: Time for the roses to appear…

2018-05-18: Books stored in the basement are said to be in the lowbrary while those stored in the loft are in …